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One to One Counselling Service

What is One to One Counselling?

When you have counselling needs, TLC Partners can assist you. The One to One Counselling service is located in Stratford Upon Avon, Warwick and Birmingham. We offer many different services for individuals of any age, you will find our one to one counselling services can provide you with the support and confidence that you need to go forward, with professional counsellors and psycotherapists that can help and guide you every step of the way. At TLC Partners One to One Counselling, you will receive quality care from compassionate health professionals in a confidential, collaborative, and non-judgemental setting.

The first stage of counselling involves the client talking through their concerns whilst the counsellor listens and makes sure that they understand. The client needs to feel heard and not judged. With young people this can involve using puppets, paints or sand. In order to enter the client's world, the relevant materials need to be used in order to make psychological contact. As issues are explored, client and counsellor gain an understanding on the focus and priority of the counselling work. This can happen quickly or more slowly; there is no set time limit.

The middle stage of counselling involves the client finding a new and more helpful perspective of their concerns. When we are embroiled in a problem it is easy to wear blinkers and keep doing things the way we have always done so, thus ensuring the same results. We can also forget just how resourceful we are. With the help and encouragement of the counsellor, the client is able to challenge ways of thinking and behaving that are not helping and start to consider making use of the skills and strengths they already have or want to acquire.

The final stage of counselling results in the client deciding what changes they want to make and taking appropriate action. Although it may be useful to know why you have not been getting what you want from life, the real change comes when you do something about making the changes, taking action. The client can then learn to identify, that they are the expert of their world and become empowered to enjoy their lives in the way they choose.

The benefits of One to One Counselling are varied. One such benefit is that we strive to work on the whole individual, with an holistic approach whether it is personal, couples, or family counselling that we are providing. Counsellors are accredited and we can offer coaching services and confidence building; we also provide stress management solutions and strategies that can be very beneficial to reducing your stress levels.

All members of our team have professional and credible qualifications so you can be sure that the service you receive is trusted. We have also experienced our own personal therapy so can relate to our clients at depth with empathetic understanding of their needs. Our Counselling service through One to One sessions is geared towards children, adolescents, parents and families as a whole. Our philosophy is that services will be more effective, when the client gains long term support through their support networks and we strive to support them on that journey.

With the holistic approach we offer we will give to each case, you can rest assured that you will be treated with respect and compassion every step of the way through your process of discovery. It is not easy to ask for professional help, especially with psychological issues. People can see you have a broken leg and can offer empathy, often people do not understand mental health problems and there can be stigma attached to it. Having the support of experts and your partner or family can help you to take that step of starting your journey to mental well-being.

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