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Life Coaching in Stratford upon Avon, Birmingham and Warwick

What is Life Coaching?

Are you looking for life coaching in Stratford Upon Avon, Birmingham or Warwick?
Coaching is a relationship between two people, the coach and their client. A coach helps there client to identify what they want to achieve, whether it is in their personal, professional or public life. Once identified, the coach supports their client throughout their quest to achieve their goals, helping to keep the client focused and on track and to overcome any challenges and obstacles on the way to their goal.

What is the role of the Coach?

The role of a life coach is to help their client, the client, YOU, step into your potential and future.

To help you to identify how

  1. You facilitate thinking about your needs and not those of others
  2. What you want your future to look like
  3. What direction that needs to take

The coach acts as a mirror reflecting to the client the awareness of the issues within themselves, by using their own unique skills in motivating, communicating, analysing and reflecting to help their client identify their personal growth.

This is based on you the clients personality, skills and desire to achieve. Each client is a unique individual and each client will go at their own pace, there is not one model fits all. In my practise I work wholly with the client and what they bring to the relationship, helping them to identify and work with both their strengths and weaknesses.

All of the above implemented together the coach then empowers the client to their true self actualisation, to step into their true potential and into their future

How can life coaching impact you?

What clients will be able to recognise & deal with or create as a result of Coaching with TLC:

  • Helps an individual tap into their untapped potential
  • Focus on what they believe to be what they truly want
  • Focus on achieving what they truly desire
  • Deal with stress and the triggers of stress
  • Build a work/life balance that is fulfilling
  • Create the building up and maintenance of self-esteem and confidence
  • It is aligned with goal achievement
  • Help the client identify and obtain a deeper understanding of the issue the client is struggling with
  • Improve their emotional intelligence
  • Improve their health and lifestyle

The above are all goal based ideas. That is, we want something we don't currently have and might use a coach to support us in attaining that.

The client is the conductor of their orchestra and the coach helps their client to achieve, obtaining a better sense of self to then serve and help others.

I can work with anyone who wants positive change and the results are truly amazing, when you reach your full potential

"If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got, the only person who can change is you"

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