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If you cannot work out what is physically wrong with you, you would go to your G.P and ask for professional medical advice and seek the appropriate medical intervention required to heal the symptom.
If you are experiencing a sense of uncertainty in your life, maybe even economic job uncertainty. If you own your own business and your business is flourishing however you are not, or maybe feeling unfulfilled in your relationship and are unable to work out exactly what you want then engaging a Life Coach would help you identify which path you need to take. Coaching can help people find direction, or make choices. I align it to helping people take their life up a level and to help them become “un stuck” and to start moving their life forward.
However, it can often be as straightforward as assisting an individual to recognise that they are experiencing a sense of uncertainty. Afterall, not being able to work out exactly what you want is one of the bases of being human.
Working out what you need to do to can cause pressure in an individual to find out who they are and what they desire and this is where a Life Coach can help people find direction or make choices, it can often be they are “stuck” for fear of change.
A Life Coaching relationship needs to be trusting & collaborative with a common goal to achieve that feeling of becoming “un stuck” with a clear path to follow going forward.
A Life Coach does not help people with Mental Health issues, Psychotherapists do.
Often people call me unsure of what they require. Therapy or Coaching are very different and as a fully accredited Psychotherapist and Life Coach I can investigate & identify an individual’s needs and will work closely with a client to ensure that together we identify what is the appropriate solution.
As a qualified Life Coach, I help my clients to investigate their choices to decide what is right for them. The objective is to help clients articulate what they already know. Afterall, they are the expert of their world.
A Coaches’ motivation is a determinant and second only to a client’s success with the following core ingredients:
• How much do you want to make the changes?
• What does your ideal life look like?
• Where do you want to be in 6months?
• Where will life take you in 1 year?
• What is your 5 year plan, what do you need to do to get there?

At TLC Partners, we pride ourselves on understanding and working on:

• Important sectors of your life.
• Core beliefs.
• Motivation accountability.
• Perceived loss of identity - maybe in a relationship.
• Help ground the client back to where they need to be.
• Stop catastrophising.
• Fear “What’s the worst that can happen”?
Engaging in trustful interactions is proven to work well as a stimulus for the brain to release Neuropeptides & hormones like oxytocin and vasopressin that reduce pain and anxiety to help give a feeling of satisfaction or a sense of being able to overcome challenging obstacles. Engaging a Life Coach to help identify what you need to do to become “un-stuck” can be life changing.
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