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Thank you so much for counselling sessions with you regarding the abusive relationship I was in. I have moved on with my life, married a wonderful man and have 2 beautiful babies who I cherish. I have you to thank because you made me see that what I was being subjected to was vile and abusive and had I not seen you would probably have still been in that relationship or worse, taken my life.

2nd August, 2021

I was always sceptical about does counselling work? I never understood that its a lifesaver and talking, sharing and looking to a brighter future can alter everything. Working with Diane has given me a life i lost 39 years ago, she always asks the right question that makes you think, not only in the session but for days after. The feeling that I grew up with and thought was my friend was the enemy, it ran my life and nearly ended it. If you ever need help, reach out and get the help you need, it works, counselling works. I have a future, thank you Diane

12th July, 2021

I recommend Diane. She is understanding, calming, respectful, non-judgmental. She helped me through cancer and my not only coping with my own, but my daughter's too. It has enabled me to cope and be happy again. Thank you Diane

10th June, 2021

Diane has helped me on so many levels. Having worked with her from 2016, I can confidently say she has allowed me to fully address obstacles which were undoubtedly holding me back. In addressing a fear of change, processing challenging relationships in my life as well as addressing grief and upset, she has provided me with the tools to get through some really difficult times, always remaining positive and constructive. Diane actively listens and poses open ended questions, enabling me to reach important decisions. She is a real mentor and I cannot recommend her sessions highly enough.

2nd June, 2021

I was in a bad place I had literally just come out of a mental health ward, I wasn’t working I was barely looking after myself, after having weekly sessions with dianne it’s honestly helped so much, I now have a job and have moved out on my own. Dianne has honestly changed my life and I will forever be grateful to what she has done for me. Admitting that you need help is the scary part, but talking about things and coming with coping mechanisms really do help. If you think you don’t want to spend that money honestly do because it could be that something that you need to help you. Thank you dianne

1st April, 2021

If you are reading this review to help you decide whether to contact Di for support then my advice is call her now! Talking to Di has been so supportive and empowering that she has helped me begin to find myself again. I have always been a strong, resilient person but earlier this year I realised I just couldn't cope anymore and found myself feeling broken and in despair. I didn't know how to help myself which is ironic as I spent my days empowering others. Then I spoke to Di. Her professional manner, her knowledge and skills alongside her supportive and genuine passion to help others are amazing. Di has helped me identify what had led to my declining mental health and is helping me address these worries safely so I am moving forward. We all need support in our lives at some point, that's the nature of being human. If you are struggling,
feelings worried or need any type of support then Di is definitely the person who can give you it. Thank you Di.

18th March, 2021

If you are reading this review to help you decide whether to contact Di for support then my advice is call her now! Talking to Di has been so supportive and empowering that she has helped me begin to find myself again. I have always been a strong, resilient person but earlier this year I realised I just couldn't cope anymore and found myself feeling broken and in despair. I didn't know how to help myself which is ironic as I spent my days empowering others. Then I spoke to Di. Her professional manner, her knowledge and skills alongside her supportive and genuine passion to help others are amazing. Di has helped me identify what had led to my declining mental health and is helping me address these worries safely so I am moving forward. We all need support in our lives at some point, that's the nature of being human. If you are struggling,
feelings worried or need any type of support then Di is definitely the person who can give you it. Thank you Di.

Jo Broocks
14th December, 2020

We are the parents of two adopted children who experienced severe neglect and trauma before they came to live with us. Di has helped put them back together again with both her therapeutic and coaching skills and her practical and down to earth way of working. She has built up a great relationship with the children, they trust her and can speak openly to her, they know she is always there for them . She has supported us as parents with the many and varied challenges that we have had to face. We really couldn't have done it without her over these past few years. She is still continuing to support the children into their tricky teenage years, we are so grateful that she has our backs. Thank you Di!

Vicki Miller
19th November, 2020

Diane has been instrumental in helping me regain control of my life. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for more than a year and it left me in a place where I was unable to progress in my future aspirations. I was facing failure in very important aspects of my life and was unable to see any hope in my situation.
From the first session, Diane has re-kindled a sense of purpose. Her counselling has been key in generating some motivation and positive emotion in my life. While I know that I still have a ways to go before I am able to completely manage my condition, I'm sure that with Diane's support, I will consolidate long-term strategies which will keep me from giving up entirely, as I was close to doing just a few months ago. Diane has enabled me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I shall ever be thankful for this renewed hope.

3rd November, 2020

There are no words to describe how thankful I am to Dianne for the support, advice and tools she has given me to deal with my anxiety, which on reflection I have been dealing with alone for most of my adult life. By opening up about how I was feeling, was a weight off my shoulders in itself so I would highly recommend therapy and Dianne was able to give impartial, unbiased advice on various situations in my life that were contributing to how I felt. In a professional, but caring, supportive and non judgmental way Dianne made me feel comfortable in opening up and being honest about my feelings, which I have certainly struggled doing, during my life. I find it remarkable when comparing how I am feeling and dealing with situations now, to 6 months ago when I thought it would be best for all if I was no longer around and without the support from Dianne this would not be the case. Now I have been given the tools and methods through therapy sessions, to help with my anxiety, I will continue to use and work on them, to maintain how I am now feeling. Dianne, thank you again for everything.

2nd November, 2020

We reached out to Diane as we were concerned with our son’s behaviour. We did deliberate as to whether we needed any help, but as things were not improving we made the call. Our son responded very quickly to Di’s coaching and there was a marked change in behaviour after just one session, and we definitely made the right decision in seeking help.

13th October, 2020

I never thought I was the kind of person that would need or benefit from counselling but I am so grateful to Diane for her understanding, insight and guidance over the 6 sessions I had with her. I have gone from sobbing at my desk and wanting to run away to being back at work with increased self insight, confidence and tools to effectively deal with issues I once didn't even know were there, let alone how to cope with them. Along with other changes I have made in my life, Diane helped me to see that asking for help and taking time for yourself is not a 'selfish luxury' but a worthwhile and perhaps even life changing necessity. Thanks Diane, I really will always be grateful to you.

Amanda Wrathall
1st September, 2020

Would very highly recommend Zoom counselling with Diane. Made no difference to the quality or service that I received and still felt I was given a personal service. It has really helped me and made a difference and I feel strong enough now to deal with what is inevitable regarding my dad.

Tracy Little
3rd August, 2020

I have been working with Diane on my anxiety for a couple of years now and the progress I have made with her has been remarkable. She has helped me through a very difficult time with my IVF journey, I was constantly confronted with set backs and felt like my body and mind were failing me. It was a very dark, sad place to be. When the IVF process ended unsuccessfully Diane gave me the tools I needed to find a way through my sadness and anxiety. Gradually with her guidance I have managed to regain my self esteem and confidence in all aspects of life. I have found a better work life balance and have challenged my unhelpful patterns of behaviour. I am less stressed and happier in my relationships, as well as in myself. My much improved state of mind has resulted in a very happy conclusion, I became pregnant naturally and have just reached the second trimester. Thanks to Diane I have a confidence in my body that I have never had before, and I feel ready for the challenges I know motherhood will bring! I am now looking forward to the future, working with Diane to build the best life I can, for my new family as well as myself.

23rd July, 2020

I have been having therapy sessions via video calls from home and I have found the experience of doing these from the comfort of my own home during lockdown to be very easy. I personally have issues with anxiety and depression so video chat has been really helpful especially on those harder days when it’s difficult for me to step outside. Without the stress of transport and finding a place to park, these virtual sessions have been a god send. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about having a video call therapy session to give it a try, I think you’ll find that it’s incredibly rewarding. Thank you to my lovely counsellor for helping during this difficult time.

16th July, 2020

I can't thank Diane Pulley enough for the help and support she has given me. Depression is one of the worst things I have had to deal with so feeling useless and worthless on a daily basis was a constant cycle under a black cloud. I was recommended to Diane and was very unsure at first but she quickly made me feel at ease. She was understanding, supportive and offered amazing guidance which I needed at the time. I started my journey with Diane in 2017 so I am writing this recommendation 3 years on cause I can safely say I am in a much better place because of her. Throughout giving up alcohol, being made redundant, toxic relationships, family saga's and setting up my own business, and dealing with isolation in this crazy period, I have remained strong and focused throughout. Diane's support structure and ways of dealing/thinking about things was a huge part of me being able to do this and I can't thank her enough. Don't suffer in silence! I spent the majority of my adult life dealing with it all on my own......I just wish I had a Diane in my life earlier.

15th July, 2020

Diane has been absolutely brilliant with me through our 10 counselling sessions. Was concerned about video calls but Diane put me at ease on the first call and all the way through. She helped me with my anxiety and stress through covid 19 and helped be get strong enough to get myself back to work. Her encouragement and support was definitely 5 stars and more. Our connection was there from the start and all the way through. Really couldn't of got through this without Diane. So I thank her for all the support and strength.

8th July, 2020

I started having sessions with Diane in Feb 2020. I had never received counselling before, but had felt low, and pressures were mounting, she came highly recommended. After only a few sessions, the country went into lockdown and I transferred from face to face meetings to Zoom meetings and I have gone from strength to strength. I honestly believed I was a strong person and didn't have past issues that I needed to deal with, but i knew i needed some guidance with patterns that had started to appear in my life. Diane has helped me to completely transform myself, gradually, but I have learned so much about myself, she has helped me process my thoughts and I have never felt as calm as i do today. I am still seeing her as I want to believe that this is a new way of life and not something that I just feel today. I would highly recommend Diane and would have no problem with contacting her again if I needed her help. I didn't know that online therapy would be as effective as face to face, but it feels as though I am in the room with her, and I don't have to worry about traffic holding me up, parking, the weather etc. - thank you so much!

Nina Linnitt
8th July, 2020

I have found sessions with Diane to be friendly with a focus on building a positive way forward. I am naturally one of those people who have not made use of counselling services, considering myself normally very robust and optimistic, but a nexus of events pushed me to seek support and I am pleased I did. With this help I am coming through my difficulties and making plans again. I would use Diane's services again, but hope not to have to :o) - In these difficult times take care of yourselves there will be better times

9th April, 2020

I worked with Diane for about 12 Month's. I turned to counselling after becoming very anxious due to a combination of relationship issues stress at work. Diane was great in tailoring my sessions to my needs. Some of the time I just needed to talk and she helped me organise these thoughts and suggesting coping mechanisms and helping me understand what I was going through. The difference this has made to my life is unmeasurable and I am a different person than a year ago. I'm now calm in control and have lots of ways to manage myself when i get anxious or feel low. Many Thanks Diane you have been super supportive.

Matt Walsh
7th April, 2020

I came to see Diane when I was have a very hard time at work, and I can honestly say over the past year she has helped me so much words can't describe. I still have a few ups and downs but Diane is always there on the end of the phone when I need her.
So massive Thanks Again Ricki

Ricki Grenfell
8th March, 2020

What can I say about Diane Pulley she is not only a fantastic counsellor but also a lovely person. She has given me confidence and made me realise I am a strong person and can do what I want to achieve in the new year. Thank you Diane I am forever grateful to you. 5 stars is not enough she deserves more.

Joanne Greenway
19th December, 2019

Diane has helped me through a very difficult time and it's made such a difference knowing that there is someone who I can share my thoughts and feelings with who won't judge but will help me address and move forward.
Thank you for your support.

17th December, 2019

I was referred through my work for counselling to treat my depression and anxiety. I was allocated 12 sessions and although I had massive reservations to begin with, I attended the first session. I was given a safe space and the respect of being listened to, so much so that my fears melted away. Within 6 sessions and with some incredible counselling, I’ve now been discharged and can now say I have the tools to manage my mental health independently. I cannot recommend this service highly enough!

Stewart Westley
12th December, 2019

I have been attending therapy for around 18 months. Doing an hour a month is like doing some essential maintenance - I get my hair cut once a month and I get my mind checked once a month. It also helps to keep it affordable.

And I really value this hour - I always look forward to it. It’s one hour a month where I can be truly selfish - talking about everything that’s in my head, unloading it and sorting it out - without having to worry about the other person. It’s not the same as talking to a friend or partner where you have to take it in turns and be careful how you put things. It’s a really welcome release - like taking a massage and your muscles finally relaxing.

I would definitely recommend therapy - it’s not just a crisis measure for those in trouble, for me it’s about taking a bit of time to unwind, let go and make sense of my thoughts. In a world bombarded with information, it’s an oasis of time to organise all of that information and leave with a little less burden on your shoulders.

9th December, 2019

I wasn’t sure if CBT was for me at first but having had a series of sessions with Di, I now see it was exactly what I needed. Experiencing anxiety and feeling burn out at work, my balance was off and Di really helped me to find clarity and coping strategies to bring me back to calm. I already lead a physically healthy, active lifestyle, but sometimes you just need to speak to someone and Di was fantastic at listening, without judgement, and every time responding with questions and advice to help me understand why I was reacting in a certain way and how to respond to that in future. My sessions were by Skype rather than in person which I was unsure of at first but actually was perfect in the end. Everyone is different, but I opened up more across Skype and so got more out of the sessions and progressed quite a lot in a short space of time so would recommend this, especially if you are not local as Di is fantastic and so Skype makes these sessions possible.

6th December, 2019

I've had a number of sessions with Di and I've benefited enormously from them. She puts you at ease and listens without judgment which really helped me get to the route of my issues. Di has made a huge difference to my mental health and, as a result my life overall. I'd thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is struggling or needs to talk to someone.

2nd December, 2019

I was referred to Diane through work having felt at my lowest ebb mentally due to a controlling mom and work related pressures. I could not see through the darkness that had crowded around me and started to feel I could not cope . I suffered from high blood pressure and had difficulty sleeping and,concentrating so was at rock bottom when I went to my first session with Diane. Through changing my thoughts and patterns of behaviour that had happened over a lifetime, I have finally found a way forward and am deeply grateful to Diane for helping me over the last few weeks. I am so glad to feel mentally on the road to recovery and would recommend anyone at a low ebb, go and spend some time unpicking why they have reached that place in their lives. I am more mindful of my wellbeing and of people who negatively affect it and for that I cannot thank Diane enough.

Dawn McLeod
21st November, 2019

Over the past couple of years, I have lost both of my parents. I was a little more prepared for the first passing but the second came as a complete shock and my world felt like it was shattered. I’d tried counselling a few years back via the Doctors, not long after my dad was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, to help me with some coping mechanisms. I went to 2 sessions, it didn’t help or teach me anything. After losing my mum last year, I was in a state of total shock. I knew myself I was struggling to let go. I missed her greatly and I never thought my heart would heal, I had to do something and tablets, for me, were not the answer. I am a strong person with a loving network of people, but I needed something more. When I booked via work to see Diane, I won't lie, I was sceptical, that counselling would help at all. From the moment I met Diane I was put at ease, I liked her straight away, she is natural, warm and friendly, nothing was forced, the conversation flowed over tea, we just chatted. Today, 3 months on, was my last session. I felt sad when I said goodbye to her, because she has helped so much. It’s hard to say in actual words what she has done for me, other than, the sessions have made me think about things differently, question myself and how I react, the effect I have on others, those I love and who love me. She has saved me. That sounds like a cliché, but she has, I don’t know what from. Maybe from myself. But today I feel brighter, stronger and ready to look at the future. I know I will always be sad, but I know that it’s OK to be, its normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Thank you Diane, I am so grateful for the help you gave in helping me to find the person that is left behind, post mom and dad, thank you for helping me find Helen again. xx

Helen Page
20th November, 2019

I thought counselling was not for me . . . . How wrong was I.
It was offered to me by my HR Manager after having time off work due to a double bereavement of 2 siblings. Then I met Di ,what a lovely lady and so easy to talk to. At the end of my first very emotional session , I said to her that I just wanted to be me again. I had got lost and heading in a downward spiral through bereavement and stresses of work & home life. Always putting everyone first and making sure they were ok . Di said to me "well who looks after you".She has taught me how through coping mechanisms and self caring, that in actual fact that I do matter and that putting myself first is ok. So here I am, me again. Di I just want to say Thank You .

15th November, 2019

I had heard about Di and how effective she was as a therapist through a friend. I had got myself in to a toxic on / off relationship and knew things needed to change, my friend suggested I contact Di as she thought she might be able to help.

Di got me to really think about what it was that I wanted out of a relationship and supported me in understanding why I repeated unhealthy patterns. She showed me coping strategies that built my confidence, so that when things got tough and I was worried about slipping backwards I felt I had options.

Over a period of several months, and a lot of hard work, my personal awareness had grown and I could feel that I had more strength and confidence in handling life. Working with Di, was for me, one of the best decisions I've made.

Di is a brilliant therapist, and if your committed to really working on yourself I know she can help you achieve amazing results - she did for me!

Fern Curtis
9th September, 2019

Diane was appointed by our helpline provider Care First to provide basic mental health training to the pub, bar and brewery trade.
We have now run 7 sessions and i have been extremely pleased with the standard, and delivery of the training which has taken place all around the country to different audiences.
We have received excellent feedback and we are delighted to have Diane on board and she will be training for us for a further two years.
Carolyn Manager - Charity Services Licensed Trade Charity

Carolyn Jenkinson
31st July, 2019

I initially came to see Di for counselling to help me cope with my depression, low Self-Esteem and the stress and worry that seemed to constantly affect me. Even my first session felt like a great weight had been lifted. I felt safe with Di as she helped me make sense of what was happening and together we worked through strategies to help improve things.
I have grown so much in the time I have been with Di that my sessions now are coaching rather than counselling which is allowing me to improve myself in so many areas of life and work. I am becoming a better person as a result for my family, my friends and my career is benefiting too.
I would recommend anyone to try working with Di no matter what level you feel at.

Tim G
28th July, 2019

I never imagined I would be the kind of person who would go to Counselling and benefit from it. My first experience was not a positive one. I could not connect with the counsellor and felt the situation got worse not better.
After a number of other big life events in quick succession I decided to give it another go. I met with Diane Pulley and felt that she actually understood and could support me. She helped me compartmentalise things so they didn’t feel so overwhelming and I could really address the things that mattered most. As a consequence I have grown in confidence and feel much stronger.
I would recommend trying counselling and finding an alternative counsellor if the first one doesn't work out.

Sam Myatt
2nd July, 2019

Before seeking counselling I thought I can manage myself as I did therapy before- a good 25 years ago - and didn’t realise that life can still be a struggle at times. I found myself burning out and being overwhelmed by the demands and stress to an extent that it affected my confidence so I couldn’t see a way out. I was stuck and the first session with Diane just opened the floodgates- making me realise that I don’t need to struggle all alone. Diane was my guide to recover from the burn out and put things into perspective. She helped me to see the chimp on my shoulder nagging on my self worth. I don’t now why I waited so long to seek counselling- in just a handful of sessions my life turned round. Thank you Diane

6th June, 2019

Having never had counselling before I was worried about opening myself up to someone that I didn't know. But my experience of seeing Diane has been very positive. Being able to talk honestly during a time that was so difficult to manage alone was a 'god send'. Diane listened without judging and empowered me to look at strategies with which I could help myself.
I am not sure I would have been able to carry on and cope with the demands of work and home life without her thoughtful guidance.
I would recommend anyone who is going through what may seem like an impossible situation to take a leap of faith and contact Diane.

2nd May, 2019

We booked with Diane as our child was going through a period of anxiety at school. Diane made her feel very comfortable from the start and was very patient with her. After several sessions she learnt some coping strategies and was a completely different child to have around by the end of her treatment. We can't recommend Diane highly enough.

N Endall
2nd May, 2019

Diane was instrumental in helping me reconcile my own actions, mistakes and my ability to deal with the consequences. I was in a very dark place and even self-medicating with alcohol (no previous issues with alcohol) which was compounding my situation. Diane was able to initially help me understand the route cause of my actions. This then progressed to more self-exploration which was both challenging and enlightening. What I liked most about Diane is she was REAL.. no airs or graces and I certainly never felt judged or condescend at any stage in the process.

Mr T
1st May, 2019

When I started seeing Di I was at the lowest point of my life so far, I had been signed off work a few weeks prior and had started medication. I was already in the whirlwind of “being off with stress” and feeling even worse, because as we all know medication does not work alone.
And then I started counselling sessions.
The first few sessions seemed to be a ranting session for me. I used my sessions to be just heard. Well that’s what I thought.
I had hit another low point a few sessions in and suddenly realised I actually wanted help. I wanted to learn how to be happy.
I thought that one day I woke up and exactly that had happened. Just like that. I was happy.
That wasn’t the case, the whole time during these sessions Di had empowered me without me knowing. These sessions have refocused my life and given me perspective. I’m not the person who looks down at “airy fairy people In happy world” anymore, I am a part of them. I now really love and respect myself and everyone around me is happier for it.
I prefer this way of living. So thank you Di.

11th April, 2019

I was referred to Diane through work, I was going through a very difficult time and could not cope anymore with all that was happening in my life.
I started my sessions with her and soon started to feel better, I did counseling before for a year or so, but I feel like Diane’s sessions work much better for me.
I always look forward to my conversations with her, she carefully listen and provides helpful advice, practical solutions, ideas and questions to ponder.
She has transmitted so much positivity.
I cannot thank her enough for all the support and help during such a difficult time in my life.

3rd March, 2019

Just wanted to drop a line to commend the services offered by Diane.
I went through a very stressful situation at home and figured I was out of balance for the first time in my life, having a hard time concentrating on absolutely anything. It does not come easy for me to talk about my feelings and wasn't sure that there was someone out there who could help for the predicament I was in. I was holding on to a ticking time bomb, so to speak, and I am so glad that I decided to receive the counselling.
Diane is a very patient listener and a guide to make me realise not all is doom and gloom, which I thought was the case at the time. Helped me greatly to realise also that there is more to life than just work, how important it is to enjoy the simplest things in life that makes you happy and channelled my thought process and my drive to be more constructive and forward thinking.
I am very grateful for all the help and advise and can certainly say with confidence that anyone who is struggling with their own thought process and having a difficult time managing stress at home or work can definitely benefit from this. This has been life changing for me.

26th February, 2019

I made contact with Diane after a break down of a long term relationship. I thought I was dealing with it although after 12 months, I realised that was not the case, my mind was on a roller coaster of why, why and more why. I connected with Diane as soon as I met her, I felt comfortable in her presence and at ease. She listened intently as I poured out my feelings, the confusion, the hurt, the pain. Diane gently and with purpose, helped me to answer the why's, understand the confusion and bring some clarity back into my life. I am happy I made that contact and thank you so much Diane for being you. Wendy

Wendy Woodward
2nd February, 2019

The realisation that I needed help was like a lightbulb moment. Picking up the phone was the hardest thing I have ever done and I could barely speak at the time because I was so upset. The relief I felt afterwards was so overwhelming but I knew it was the right thing to do. I was seen very quickly at a mutually convenient time and the relief I got from my first session was incredible. I very quickly began to feel better and the sessions made me realise how little I did for myself because I was so busy taking care of everyone else. I've now been given the tools I need to take back control and increase my self care by making little changes each day. To anyone worried about making that first step, please don't hesitate. Instead of seeing no future amongst all the anxiety I now have hope.

18th January, 2019

I found Di through my employer and was glad that I did. Di helped me through a really tough personal time that I don't think I could have coped with without her support and guidance. Di is a great listener and always offered really helpful advice through out, she changed how I felt and my outlook on the future.

Our sessions will stay with me for my lifetime and I often think back to them when things seem tough.

Dan Beecroft
2nd January, 2019

Having referred an employee to Diane who had suffered a major trauma, the guidance and counselling received in such a short period of time has been outstanding. I never would have thought it possible. Having never had to use a counselling service before it is so very re assuring to now know that my employee feels safe and very comfortable with Diane and so very very positive with their progress. I really dont know how we would have moved forward without her. Thank you so much

C l
Trauma Counselling
19th December, 2018

I was referred to Diane Pully in June of this year due to work related PTSD. Prior to attending my first appointment with her, I was very apprehensive and anxious as i did not know what to expect never having been in this position before and worrying about what Diane may have thought of me when disclosing to her my trauma.
Upon attending and completion of my first appointment I came away feeling for the first time in over several months that I was not going mad and the feelings/flashbacks I was unfortunately experiencing was actually all part of the PTSD.
Over time, Diane made me understand that I am the most important person and too put both my physical and mental well being first, rather than family/friends and work colleagues.
Diane does not judge or make you feel bad or uncomfortable about yourself and will listen patiently to what you have to say when having to discuss difficult topics.
Although I am still on the road to recovery I genuinely do not believe, I would not be where I am today ( both mentally and physically) with the help and support of Diane Pulley.
Not only does Diane show great empathy and compassion towards you, but just as importantly it is clear from the first appointment when you meet that her priority is to help and support YOU.
I would highly recommend the services of Diane Pulley and would like to end this testimony by saying:
Diane, I cannot thank you enough for the support and compassion you gave me throughout my therapy, Thank You.

8th November, 2018

All I can say is that seeing Diane was the best life changing thing I ever did.
I had been battling for years mentally and emotionally with things I kept going round in circles with and life never changing.
Diane made me understand so many different things and gave me strategies,which years on I still use and hear her voice reminding me that it’s ok to let people go that mentally had abused me for years hard when it’s both your parents but my life is so much more at peace now,I’m not saying I don’t get my ups and downs but that’s life we all get the good days and the bad ones and that’s ok.
I recommend Diane to everyone that is struggling as I know she takes her sessions so professionally but in a relaxed way that you automatically feel relaxed and suddenly you feel like you are sat with an old friend and it all comes out.
I can honestly say her ways and words will stay with me forever.
I’m now going to be taking my son to her and driving from Worcester to Stratford that’s how much I admire and respect her work.
I cannot thank her enough she’s amazing.
So don’t hesitate just do it Diane is one in a million I feel so happy I found her.

3rd November, 2018

When I first met Diane I felt emotionally numb, worthless, had very low self esteem and didn’t know what to do to change anything I was feeling. I’d suffered with depressive periods on and off for a number of years and been prescribed anti depressant and anxiety drugs. When I hit another crisis point I didn’t want to turn back medication.

During our first meeting Diane listened while I cried a lot talking through events in my life I could not move on from; losing my mum when I my daughter was very young, break down of relationships, always doing my best to please everyone in my life except for me. Like lots of people I’d carried on with a brave face, blaming myself for anything that went wrong and feeling a failure.

Diane’s guidance has helped me so much, I am really grateful for all her advice. A few weeks ago I would not have believed how making a few changes in the way I think could transform how I feel about myself and my future. I feel like I’ve been set free, a much stronger person and understand how to make my life what I want it to be for the first time ever, thanks to Diane!

4th September, 2018

I was reluctant to take part in a counselling session as I thought it would be a waste of time. However after 2 years of watching and then losing my father to Alzheimer’s and a breast cancer diagnosis I needed some help. I was lucky enough to see Diane Pulley and she has totally changed my way of thinking. I now feel not only able to cope with life, I feel at peace with it. If you are unsure about counselling please, please give it a go. Be open to trying and it can be really positive and life changing.

24th August, 2018

Firstly , thank you so much Diane for helping me move forward with my life by guiding me through the process of addressing and managing the issues which were holding me back.
Di is a wonderful listener and guide and perceptively understood the difficult emotions I was challenged with . This support and guidance has allowed me to make some really positive moves forward which I honestly wasn’t sure would be possible. I describe these sessions to others as my “port in the storm” ; not only has Di provided comfort and reassurance at times of distress , she haa given me the tools and the confidence to make life altering decisions and changes. I feel stronger and happier because if this journey and I’m really grateful for this.

23rd August, 2018

I went to see Diane Pulley for help dealing with bullying by my manager at work, which was having a severely detrimental effect on my mental health, and consequently on my family and overall wellbeing.

Diane was an immense help with understanding the issue, what I could do to protect my health, and what I could do to address the issue. She worked with me as we brought the matter to a satisfactory conclusion, helping me form strategies for dealing with HR and the bully.

Above all, Diane's experience in dealing with numerous similar cases in the past was a huge help in restoring and maintaining my self-confidence - the one thing the bullying manager sought above all to destroy.

I still work for the company, and I no longer work for that manager. As well as my regular role, I'm now working with HR to permanently change the way the company addresses issues like this.

Thank you, Diane!

17th August, 2018

Di built a strong, supporting relationship straight away, and combined fantastic listening and questioning with indispensable techniques and suggestions to help me. Through the support provided over the course of our sessions, I was able to make great improvements to my happiness and confidence, which have made my life much more enjoyable. During our sessions, Di helped make sure I held myself to account, but at the same time helping me to value myself. I'm hugely grateful for all of the help, and feel very positive about the future.

16th July, 2018

When I first met Di 8 months ago, I could barely function with anxiety and depression. Just getting out of bed and going to work was too much.

Di helped me immensely to understand how to care for myself and make decisions that were right for me and my health.

Since then, our relationship has changed to coach and coachee - I feel better than I have for years, and Di has helped me to set up my own business doing something I love.

I genuinely don’t know where I would be without Di. As my wife said last week: “I like having Di in our life”!

10th May, 2018

I turned back to counselling to prove to work and my GP that I was trying to help myself. Having suffered with anxiety and depression for over 20 years, I had seen many different counsellors and clinical psychologists (when pregnant). I was reluctant to go back again, to turn over ground I felt had been turned over so many times before to little effect. I was a mess when I turned up, twitching and terrified. But Di validated me, validated my feelings, allowed me to be honest with her and then with myself. She wasn't worried that I didn't think this would work, she just let me talk and guided me to identify some precise issues. This was forward thinking; how can I move forward; how can I make little changes to help me - and my family - function better. Di challenged me, she wasn't the nagging devil on my shoulder, but my guardian angel on my shoulder. Cheering me when I did little steps towards 'self-care'. Thank you Di, for giving me back my sense of self-worth. Only 8 sessions, but by the far the best sessions I've ever had. I know there is still a long way to go, but I feel far more equipped; far more confident at saying no and asking for help; far happier to be me. Thank you!

Rebecca Cowie
23rd April, 2018

Diane is a wonderful, inspiring person who made me feel I was important and could achieve any goal if I put my mind to it. With her guidance and advice I was able to put a few things into perspective in the issues I was dealing with.

The sessions helped me guide my mind and use the exercises successfully, feeling quite positive with the outcomes. I will always remember her feedback and advice, frequently using everything she guided me with. I will certainly miss our sessions!

Aaron K
27th February, 2018

These sessions have become a really important part of my well being. The manor in which Diane facilitates them let’s me really free myself of any thoughts and feelings I have and in turn together we discover the route cause or rationale behind them. It’s time I’m giving back myself that I wouldn’t ever have in the normal day to day. Would thoroughly recommend Diane, I actually look forward to the sessions as no matter what’s going on I’ll always feel better and somewhat ‘lighter’ afterwards.

2nd February, 2018

While I had wanted to try making smoothies in the past, I never had enough motivation to do so. The benefits were not immediately apparent, but over a period of a few days I noticed I suddenly felt a lot more awake than I ws used to, as well as having additional energy for both exercise and day to day tasks. It just seemed a little easier to do things. I am not claiming this alone is the answer to life, the universe and everything, but it certainly gave me a little boost which I really needed to keep on going and surviving through the darkest moments of anxiety and depression. Thank you for your support Di

29th January, 2018

Diane is 'real', compassionate and attentive. In just over ten weeks together, we established a connection and did some useful 'work'. She asked insightful questions and carefully steered me towards a better awareness, a different way of seeing and being, a more relaxed, at ease and self-assured like she is. N.H.

24th December, 2017

My decision to seek counselling is the best decision I have ever made ! Meeting Diane was like a breath of fresh air. She gave me great tools to handle certain situations in my life which I will always use going forward. 5 * for this wonderful lady.

Sue R
23rd December, 2017

10 weeks ago I was at my wits end, even considered ending my life. I have a lot of things going on in my personal/family life and just couldn't handle anymore. So I turned to a counsellor and that was Di. I wasn't ashamed to admit that I had a very serious problem, but I am so glad that there was someone out there like Di that could help me. We worked on coping mechanisms and now I can honestly say that I am now enjoying my life rather than letting everything get to me. Thank you Di I can never thank you enough, and I miss our sessions. x JP

Julie P
20th December, 2017

Di made me feel very welcome and comfortable from the very first session. I learnt how to cope with emotional situations much better. Di gave me various coping techniques to put in place and I have found her advice and guidance very beneficial.

Patricia D
12th December, 2017

I have been seeing Di, for several months. I started because life seem too much and didn't know where to turn. I am now happier, in my life, my work and most importantly my marriage, because of the coping tools she gave me. I would highly recommend her, for any level of counselling.

6th December, 2017

It's increasingly tough transitioning from childhood to adulthood with all the trials and tribulations of embarking on a new education with new independent ways of learning and shifts in friendships/relationships ...I consider myself being very close to my daughter and found it hard watching her suffer so much emotional pain. We talk about anything and everything but I wasn't quite enough when it came to this period in her life. No matter what advice I offered, how much of an ear I lent, she needed sound, impartial advice. We contacted Diane who was warm, professional and experienced in rationalising her thoughts. She gave her tools and advice and equipped her to take on her new challenges. The understanding that Diane provided made her see the wood for the trees. It was all 'normal stuff' that had got on top of her so much that fog had started to descend. Diane helped clear the fog and after a few sessions she felt ready to go it alone. We know Diane is there whenever we need, but for now, she has worked her magic well enough for my daughter to be confident enough to conquer independently. Thank you Diane, on behalf of my daughter of course, but also for the back up and reassurance you gave that I was doing things right! With your help, my butterfly has her wings and is flying.????

30th October, 2017

Like many, my work had become overpowering and all-consuming and was clearly affecting my home, family and social life. Within that environment showing any signs of weakness or an inability to cope were not taken likely. I reached a point where I was no longer myself and I missed being me. Social stigmas also played a part in not getting help and so my continual response was to say nothing and hide my struggle. I was deteriorating and knew deep inside that I needed and wanted to speak to someone without repercussion. I have always known what I am capable of; indeed, through sessions with Di I found out that I knew how to help myself. I just needed the guidance and the opportunity to be open with full emotion in order to allow myself to understand my situation and move forward. Through help from Di alongside simple self-care tools I have learnt to take time for me and that it is ok to be myself. In fact, I should be my priority. The decision to reach out and eventually speak to Di was not easy, almost terrifying, but I know now that I will forever be grateful that I did and continue to do so.

13th September, 2017

Di Pulley was welcoming and made me feel very quickly at ease and showed empathy to me in my current situation. She gave me confidence to deal with things and I found it easy to be open and discuss my issues with her and she was really encouraging during our sessions, I will now recall and use the advice given to me and apply all techniques when they are required.

11th September, 2017

I found this service beneficial. I learnt how to better deal with issues, removing emotion, looking at things logically, making better decisions and rationalising things better. Even though my circumstances are up and down I think I can continue to cope better with them in future.

Holly A
30th August, 2017

Working with Di has been an amazing journey, I feel at welcomed and at ease from the very first session! I started seeing her because I was feeling depressed/suicidal and at an all time low...8 sessions later and I have a renewed lust for life and can see a bright future ahead of me! Di, I can't thank you enough for all your support and guidance! - Megan K

21st August, 2017

I had 6 sessions with Di and found them incredibly helpful. I felt able to open up and comfortable enough to discuss my diagnosis in depth. Since starting my sessions with Di I have noticed a marked change in my mental health which has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life.

23rd June, 2017

Diane has been amazing. I feel much more resilient when things promised don't go to plan & have definitely grown in confidence in all my relationships. I have developed a much more positive image of myself and learnt that being a good person doesn't have to mean constantly pleasing others but instead, taking time for myself makes me stronger for others. She is empowering, straight talking & brilliant. I can't thank her enough.

18th March, 2017

I have spent several weeks seeing Di and have been very impressed with the help and support I have received. She has helped me explore dealing with my personal issues and difficulties and given me useful suggestions and advice on coping with my emotions. We have explored helpful techniques of managing how I feel and see myself and not to be so hard on myself or how and why I react to situations. I would recommend both the use of counselling and commend Di and the service she provides. I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to receive counselling at this time in my life and would consider this service again in the future if required. Thanks

28th February, 2017

When you are dealing with life's ups and downs and you have a lot on your mind, talking to somebody is the best way to getting to grips with it. A chat with a friend or a close one is good, but doing it with a professional who will pick up on things and steer the conversation, and your thinking, in the direction that will be most beneficial in overcoming whatever you are dealing with. In that respect the sessions with Di where very useful. She is good at what she does and creates a save space for you to share your problems, in addition to being a friendly and good natured person.

29th January, 2017

Diane is extremely easy to talk to. I had been very hesistant when my doctor recommended counselling but it's one of the best things I have ever done. It has clarified a lot of things for me regarding my mother's behaviour towards me and made me realise that it is not me. Diane has given me the knowledge to cope with my narcissistic mother going forward. Thank you Diane from the bottom of my heart. I feel I can move forward and overcome the issue that has plagued me all my life.

Nicky H
17th January, 2017

Before I came to see Di I was in a dark place and I couldn't see a way of getting out. I was worried that the 8 sessions I was given wasn't going to be enough. After 4 sessions I can say I have noticed a major difference. Di helped me see things in a much clearer perspective and to stop looking at things so black and white. She never judged me and gave me some helpful tactics on how to be more positive and looking at things in a different way. I definitely recommend Di and I'm so grateful that she was able to help me get my life back on track 🙂

14th January, 2017

I'm so glad I made the decision to see Di, she really helped me to open up about how I was feeling and also gave me practical advice to help improve my mind-set. Di is so easy to talk to, she is friendly and empathetic. She listened intently to everything I told her and made me realise how important I am and how important it is to take care of myself. I would recommend anyone to speak to Di.

19th December, 2016

Oh my goodness where do I begin! After years of trying to rescue a lifeless marriage, two years ago I ended it, for what I then believed where all the right reasons. It wasn’t until I started my journey that I began to realise just how weak and vulnerable I had felt and become. So much so that 18 months after my decision I crumbled, I was an emotional wreck, this is when my best and closest friend found Aspire You and a lady called Di Betts for me to see. I can honestly say that Di has been a breath of fresh air, she has helped me to see my new life through completely different eyes, she has helped me change negatives into positives and made me realise that as I change then so will my future. It isn’t till you experience these life challenges that you realise just how important support and guidance is, especially when you are only used to being part of a secure fixture in life, being part of a couple, Aspire You and Di is and will continue to be a great teacher for me, and I embrace everything she has to yet teach me. Huge Thank You Di

21st November, 2016

Diane Betts helped me through a very difficult period in my personal and professional life. I found Di to be very personable, professional and practical - we focussed on concrete steps that I could take to deal with the issues I was facing and to get into and stay in the right frame of mind moving forward. Thanks Di for all your support

31st October, 2016

Myself and partner have recently been receiving counselling from Diane Betts at the Natural Health Center Kings Norton Birmingham.We have had, a mixture of personal 1 on 1 sessions but mainly as a couple, and have to say she has been fantastic, warm, sincere,and extremely professional, she has guided us through a very difficult break up and family situation,not taking sides just delivering quality advice and guidance which has empowered us as a couple to make massive changes in our lives,and we are very happy, we have so much to thank Di for and we would not hesitate to recommend her.

Graham and Julie
20th October, 2016

I found session with Diane productive, helpful and informative. Every session I took something different away with me to try, that helped with my anxiety. DP.

14th October, 2016

In a very few sessions I have gone from feeling unable to cope and being distraught, to now looking ahead to the future with more confidence, Each time I felt at ease, like talking to someone who was a friend and listened. I am amazed at how I can help myself when pointed in the right direction. Thank You. JH

25th August, 2016

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Di, couldn't recommend her enough. It was just like having a catchup with a friend. I am delighted with some of a the techniques she has taught me to deal with my issues resulting in me becoming more in control of my emotions. Thanks Di 😉 HK

3rd August, 2016

My partner and I have attended sessions with Diane for couples counselling. We wanted to make sure that we had the tools we needed to make our relationship work and to improve our communication. We cannot rate Diane highly enough for the service she has provided to us. Shortly after our decision to attend these sessions, several challenges came into our life. With Diane's help we have been able to navigate those challenges and learn a great deal in the process. We have come to appreciate and understand things about ourselves and each other which were not previously even on our radar. I am very glad that we chose Diane. Our relationship is happier, healthier and stronger than ever. I was taught how to drive and how to maintain my car. I feel like I have acquired similar skills in respect of my relationship thanks to Diane. A 100% recommendation from both of us.

30th May, 2016

I would highly recommend Diane,I thoroughly enjoy our sessions,I feel I can be totally honest and myself,and all we discuss that I have put into place within myself and my family has been really productive. I always leave positive and with a smile on my face so it proves counselling with the right person works.I look forward to going thanks again Diane you truly are worth the time and the money it is such a worthwhile investment. Lisa

16th May, 2016

Couldn't recommend Diane enough , Great service from start to finish, Thanks very much NB

5th January, 2016

I was referred to Di through my employer due to experiencing some recent and long standing challenges in my personal life; ranging from difficult personal relationships to my relationships with drugs and alcohol. Di has an excellent capacity to show warmth and compassion in her approach to her work without appearing patronising or insincere. I instantly warmed to her as she sensitively broke down any initial barriers I may have put up in response to receiving counselling. Di completely understood my needs and was able to reflect these back to me in a way that was enlightening but also challenging in the right way. The level of clarity I have gained about my responses to stressors in life; both behaviourally and emotionally has been invaluable and has really set me up in going forward in life, making positive changes that I am in control of and responsible for. Di is professional, has great underpinning knowledge and treats what you say and who you are with respect and complete confidence. This has been a very empowering experience for me; one that I will always be able to draw strength from. Thanks Di for this experience, your sensitive and empathic approach has been invaluable, and it's one that'll continue to affect me positively in the future. All the best, Andy

17th November, 2015

Thank you Diane in helping me to understand myself and how I fit in work, family and life. A great roller coaster ride of self discovery! Mr R. West Midlands

26th October, 2015

I've being receiving counselling with Di Betts for the last 9-10 weeks, averaging 1 session a week. I suffered with many problems - specifically drug related but along side life issues. I can say with the utmost confidence that Di saved my life. There were times when I was so low, I felt like giving up - I would of given up, but Di gave me belief and she built a support system around me that literally saved my life. I would recommend Di to everyone - even those with issues not as sever as mine was. She is brilliant. How someone I didn't know before can change my life so much for the better is amazing. I was a tough nut to crack, and I believe my mind to be so stubborn and resistant to help that I couldn't see how anyone could help me. Di found a way in. Finally, I would like to leave this part of the review for you Di. Thank you so much for your help, thank you for pulling me from that dark place. From me, my son and my entire family, I whole heartedly thank you with every part of me. I will never forget what you did for me.

29th September, 2015

I did not have much faith in counselling. I had Been let down a few times in the past by other counsellors. However after seeing Di Betts, I can say that it's been the most positive thing I've ever done. Before I had counselling with Di, I had no confidence, no self worth and was completely lost. I'd been suffering years and years of misery and terrible aniexty and felt there was no hope. Di made believe there is hope, that my life can be joyful and I'm enough. Since seeing Di my confidence is stronger everyday and tasks that were so difficult, I can know do with ease. I cannot stress how much the counselling from Di has helped me. She has given me the tools to be resilient and enjoy life. I recommend her highly.

Kara P
17th August, 2015

I needed counselling for anxiety after a particularly difficult period in my life. From the first session, I found the conversation to be insightful and challenging in a very positive way. More than anything, the counselling has heightened my self-awareness and given me the knowledge to deal with my own behaviours and deep-seated beliefs. I found the no-nonsense approach extremely powerful and quite liberating. Thank you JW

7th August, 2015

I started counselling to address depression and anxiety via a recommendation from my employer, and I was dubious having had poor experiences in the past. My first session was spent with my arms crossed and a cynical attitude. Thankfully Di has an amazing amount of patience and a passion for helping people find the right techniques for them. She didn't give up on me and was so pleasant and engaging that, despite my reluctance, I kept going to appointments and after a few something clicked and suddenly I started to make progress. Di has really helped me find tools and techniques that work for me and has encouraged and supported me through every step. I would whole heartedly recommend Di to anyone who wants to try counselling. She knows when to listen, when to challenge and has a practical approach which has been great for me. I'm now back at work, feeling stronger, more able to cpe and back on track. I can't thank Di enough. WA

Wendy An.
4th August, 2015

I'd never had counselling before and turned to it as a last resort having reached a point where I felt completely powerless to address the self-esteem and negativity issues that were making my life a misery. Di Betts' positive approach and practical guidance enabled me to gain the perspective I needed in order to take practical steps to help myself. Going forward, I now feel confident that I can face and overcome my problems.

13th July, 2015

Diane Betts gave a talk about Mental Well-being at our Annual Diversity Event for staff. She focussed on managing the pressures of modern day work. Staff found Diane’s talk very helpful and interesting because she used real-life cases and gave practical hints and tips on how to reduce stress levels. Diane – thank you for the time and trouble you took to fully understand our brief. We hope to work with you again. Mary Moroney, Head of Business Development & Governance Solihull Community Housing.

Solihull Housing. Mary Moroney
26th June, 2015

I have been seeing Di on a regular basis for the last 8 weeks or so, I was initially apprehensive about starting counselling however from the moment we met Di put me at ease. She is fabulous at what she does, professional with a warm aura. My treatment with Di so far has been amazing, she has helped me explore my feelings and emotions whilst facilitating my health and well being. I recommend her services with all my heart. Thank you Di. Jacquie x

12th June, 2015

I recently completed a course of counseling with Di Betts - After many years of good health I started sufferring from digestive issues and extreme stress including a total lack of ability to focus or enjoy anything - having sought help via the medical profession I also decided to try counselling. My first session was difficult as I felt vulnerable, not something I had really experience before. However I persevered - I learnt a few important messages about myself but specifically the need to allow time for myself, self-care and not taking on the burden of all around me. I had become everyones best friend because of that and over the years had acquired quite some baggage. I feel more in control of my life and working towards a better balance to life as a result of the coaching and support I received. My general health has improved and I am looking forward and planning for a future again.

5th June, 2015

Di first came into my life nearly ten years ago when I was only16 years old. With her support and understanding she helped me over come one of the most traumatic events of my life, the loss of my brother. She was incredibly patient with me and I never felt that she was pressuring me to talk about certain events that I was not ready to open up about. Di's counselling enabled me to find a way to move forward in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Her skills and expertise are incredible and I have not only found a counsellor but someone I trust and feel I can confide in whenever I am feeling low. Thank you again Di for everything you have done for me. Emily

22nd November, 2014

This to say that I meet a very nice person called di she came in to my life at one of the hard time in my life I will not going in to it but she help me with thinking and she showed me I don't have to be down trodden and I am a person in my own right she very nice and friendly she has help me unstand what happen I wish I could have had more time with di this is to thank you I will never forget what you help me pat

Pat B
17th November, 2014

If you have stress related issues where you just need someone to listen and give to strategies to cope Di offers a great service but you must listen and apply the points. I can definitely recommend her for the above as her reasoning with me was well thought out and logical.

Dr Saleem
19th October, 2014

When I first met Di, following a traumatic experience, I was in a bad place; I was unable to function in normal daily life, not eating or sleeping or generally taking care of myself. I could not make sense of the thoughts and feelings I was having and I had temporarily checked out of life. After the first session I felt a 1000lbs had been physically lifted from me and it was the beginning of my return to life......a better life. Di helped me to work through my feelings, thoughts and experiences and helped me to understand them, acknowledge them and work out a constructive way forward. Having someone to explore very difficult emotions with (minus any judgement, bias or agenda) enabled me to take back control of my life and identify what I really wanted and what was most important to me. I feel more empowered now than I ever have before. Not only have I made it through a very difficult time in my life, I now feel equipped to live the life that I always wanted/thought I could have - but never did. The constructive nature of my sessions with Di have provided me with tangible, actionable strategies to live by and I will be forever grateful for the help she gave me.

17th October, 2014

I met Di having been referred by my G.P. & supported by my company's Private Healthcare scheme (Aviva). Before I met Di, I was highly sceptical of any 'counsellor' being able to assist me... 'why would I need counselling eh!'.... well I can tell you... what a revelation it was! Di put me at total ease and over the hours we spent together discussing all my issues, never once did I feel i was being patronised or it was a waste of time.... I would regularly feel that I was in fact just talking to myself in a mirror, when in fact Di has a superb ability to make me feel like that, when actually we are in a room together!... When driving to the appointment, I would regularly think - 'Now what on earth am I going to talk about for one whole hour?'... however the conversations were never stilted always totally supportive and in fact a total breath of fresh air to be very honest! If you are seriously thinking of seeking counselling, but not sure what to expect, talk to Di beforehand, make a connection and I'm sure she will be able to support you, just like she has with me Di is a fantastic Senior Counsellor who without even knowing it, put me at ease, allowed me to talk through some issues and never once gave her own personal opinions, just open support and the confidence to manage them differently.... 3 months later, I feel much happier and well on the road to recovery!

3rd September, 2014

Following some devastating events in my life I didn’t know which way to turn. I found Di Betts on the Internet and rang her to book an appointment. I was able to see her quickly and within just one session she turned my life around. I expected it to take months but with her experience and knowledge she was able to provide me with the tools to move forward and see the world in a completely different light. Di made me feel so comfortable that I could be completely myself. She listened and asked poignant questions that made me realise how the repetitive patterns of my behaviour had been shaping my life and how I could break the negative cycle. I’ve put what I have learnt into practice. Friends and family are now commenting that I have my ‘sparkle’ back and I am moving forward seeing myself in a different light. I can’t thank Di enough, as with her help and guidance I have started to change my life for the better and have started loving me.

15th August, 2013

Di’s counselling created a stable place for me to start making amends (which was my lifeline), she was totally supportive and understanding throughout. I remember feeling anxious during the first consultation (my assessment), but Di reminded me that these feelings were normal and made me feel at ease. Thereafter things just fell into place very quickly. I felt that she was good at her job, well excellent actually. I’d had counselling before, or at least I thought I had, but with Di I knew she could help me (call it intuition). Di soon eradicated my scepticism about counsellors and I felt I could be honest with her from the start, which I was. Each session proved to be more and more beneficial, something that was definitely helping. Di helped me realise why I’d been acting certain ways and the problems this was causing. More importantly she helped me accept who I am (with a view of making positive changes in my life). There were some sensitive issue to go through, but I felt as though I could talk, she was never judgmental and understood me. Each step of the way she helped mirror me, in a way that made me see more and more clearly, I soon began to understand everything we discussed. She constantly helped me think of ways to change the negative things in my life. For as long as I can remember there hasn’t been anyone who I really listened to, someone who I trusted and who I could open up to (this was the break/release I needed). I’d found a person who seemed genuine and caring, who was a total professional. What’s more her experience and knowledge base is tremendous, which shone through in each session. She was extremely motivated and straight to the point, totally honest and offered a no nonsense service. Because of various circumstances my sessions had to stop at eight weeks, however during this time Di helped me to reflect on ways to make positive life changes throughout (which was key). Di would talk something through with me and I would go away and think about this. Because of this I started to make amends, following each session’s guidance. There was a lot going on in my life during my eight weeks of therapy, it was difficult to make the right changes during this time, however I did. Afterwards I continued to reflect on Di’s advice as I continued to change things. I can honestly say that my life’s now improving and Di’s counselling defiantly played a part in this. I continue to reflect on our discussions, and will do for a long time. Writing this I wanted to get it right, to give something back. I hope my testimony does justice to the all-important services that Di provides. I’d also like to think this testimony will encourage others to consider counselling with Di themselves. I don’t think she realises what a wonderful person she is, she’s someone very special. Thanks again Di for everything. So if you are in crisis, pick up the phone and contact her (don’t miss the opportunity). Darren (how jumped of his career pedestal)

1st June, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you, I am feeling so much better in myself since my sessions with you, I feel like you have made a real difference to my outlook on life. So all is good!

10th November, 2011

In March 2010 I was dismissed from my role in the ..... after an occupational health report said that I was likely to become ill again if I continued in that role. So the ..... decided to give me 5 weeks notice and if I didn’t get another job internally I would have to leave. I was mortified !. There was another admin job going at the time which I applied for and got, but I had definitely decided that if I could get on an Art & Design course I would leave. I could stand it no longer. I applied for a BTEC Foundation course in Art & Design, to a university with a specialised art and design campus ....... To my surprise they accepted my application and offered me a place after an interview in May. (I have been told it is a very difficult course to get on as it is so popular). I was still hesitant about giving up my job but as the weeks went by I found that the new role and department were as bad as the last. Also the organisation was getting rid of admin staff left, right and centre. The whole morale of the building was dreadful. I finally handed in my resignation at the end of July and had to work my six weeks notice, even though I had over 3 weeks holiday owing to me. (They wouldn’t let me take the time owing to me, but at least I got paid for it.) Anyway here I am 3 weeks in to the course and loving every minute of it (it’s only part time – Tuesdays and Wednesdays). I was so relieved to leave the ..... Everyone on the course is great and are all like minded people. I have the opportunity to try out things I would have never thought of and actually be treated more like an adult (although I am a student) than when I was at work as an adult being treated like a child (ironic really). I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you for making me seriously look at other opportunities. I probably would have never taken that first big step if it wasn’t for you and I cannot thank you enough for that. Even if the course does not lead to a fulfilling future career… I can at least say “I tried” and not say “I wish I had tried” and hopefully it will at least help me overcome my depression and build my confidence. All the best, here's to a brighter future...

2nd October, 2010

On Tuesday a colleague remarked to me that it was only really me that seemed to be particularly positive and wanted to know what pills I was taking. At the time it didn't really occur to me what she had said, but later I recalled that when I first met you I said that I had hoped that at some point in the future someone would remark on my more positive attitude and behaviour and that when this happened I'd know that I had made progress. Well I think it just happened earlier this week. - See more at:

10th June, 2010

I was referred to Di for councelling during a particularly difficult time in my life. I felt like everything was falling apart, I felt incredibly low, and couldn’t see a way forward. I felt trapped in a life full of problems and upset. I was going through an acrimonious divorce from an extremely angry and controlling man. My (previously lovely) teenage daughter developed problems with anger and attention seeking behaviours, and I was in the midst of transferring my son with educational needs to an appropriate secondary school. The first sessions were, I recall, very painfull, sometimes distressing, although I always felt ‘relief’ after each session. After the first few sessions, Di was able to support me through my feelings, occasionally challenge them, and enabled me to see things differently, and change my own thoughts. She gave me strategies to make positive changes in my life and ‘permission’ to say no, clearly, without apologising, and self confidence to dis-engage from people with negative behaviours, be more assertive, focus on what was important, and spend time nurturing my children and their needs, rather than get caught-up in lifes dramas!! I was able to grieve for the marriage that had ended, without bitterness or resentment, and move on, a happy and confident single mum. (Four years later, both children are happy and settled and achieving in the things they want to) I cannot thank Di and praise her skills enough. She is a sensible, warm listener, and gently coached me when I most needed it

30th June, 2006

Through a helpline referring me, I went to see Diane two and half years ago. My life and career felt over due to the stress of being in an abusive relationship. Friend and family support were plentiful but on reflection, only Diane had the expert knowledge to be able to help me. Over a series of meetings, Diane not only helped me leave that life behind but also cleared away the years of hurt before that. The work we did together made me evaluate myself, as well as how I change me as a person in how I react and deal with everyone and everything. I realised I had a dream of working abroad, and next week I will achieve that by moving to Australia to start a new role. The help also allowed me to start a new successful relationship with someone else, and that person is now my wife. For those wondering whether to call & go along, I can only say that meeting Diane was the biggest turning point in my life & all for good

10th June, 2006

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