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Phoenix Insurance: Mental Health training day

Found the explanation of Mindfulness really helpful
Awareness of how many people suffer with Mental Health
Useful to highlight some of the less obvious signs/symptoms of poor mental health
What effect poor mental health can have on all parts of your well-being
Learning to put two things a day in my self-care pot
Understanding what self-care is
Friendly relaxed atmosphere, easy to discuss thoughts, easy to understand
Two self-care each day and the triangle and how is can be top heavy
Very useful and valuable

Learning to say No to others
Content was perfect covered everything
Perfect content not information overload
Very well run and informative
Workshop too small wanted to learn more
All good wanted a longer version
Well-presented and thought provoking
Talking through the slides not just talking at us was really useful
All very useful good summary of the subject and time for questions
More courses like this need to be made available, perhaps longer and in more detail especially individuals who are struggling.
1-1 sessions with Diane

All delegates said they would recommend to a family friend or colleague

Licensed Trade Charity: Mental Health training

Triggers, case studies and ways of managing situations
Definitions of Mental Health and peoples stigma/pre conclusions
Very informative but a great experience to have a forum where Mental health was discussed openly
Discussion around anxiety and depression
Case studies were very helpful to explore with colleagues
Everything explained in an easy way to understand
Triggers and terminology was really useful to know what language to use

Excellent trainer
Helped me have a better understanding of Metal health
Trainer had very good knowledge and experience to draw from
Good range of examples to use in my role
Very clear, concise and informative
Clearly very experienced trainer
Thank you Diane it is great to go over our role should employees have any issues (General Manager)
This course was an ideal foundation for those that have no previous experience. And therefore served. Its purpose very well

Nestle: Mental Health training


This training would be really useful for all staff to receive
I really liked the trainers attention to detail and presenter style
Very good as an introduction to Mental Health awareness
Really found the self-care strategies useful
Very interesting all of the presentation, from both a personal and professional perspective as a line manager
Loves the sign s and triggers to look out for
All peers should do this training
Very informative and well presented
Very good realising difficult situations and what to say to staff, who potentially may have a Mental Health issue
Great introduction to the subject, great also that is was interactive
Loved the Mindfulness part and tools to self-care
I enjoyed the whole workshop, with a good combination of information and delegate interaction.

About the training

1 in 4 people struggle with a Mental Health issue at any one time. Organisations are now realising they need to support their staff with the issue of poor Mental Health as a duty of care but also to enhance the working environment.

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