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Well Being Training

Under current legislation Mental Healthis now covered under the “2010 Equality Act” and companies have a duty of care to take care of their employee’s Mental Health.

So how do I help my corporate clients?

I work with individuals, couples and corporate companies to make changes in their lives to live their lives, not to just get through their lives.

With in-house “Bespoke Packages” I help corporate companies to educate their staff on Mental Health “stress management”helping employees identify the early triggers of anxiety, depression and stress and in turn to help senior managers identify and most importantly support their staff with Mental Healthissues within the workplace.

A supportive environment is a productive environment – let’s look at the facts:

· 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems.

· 526,000 employees suffered work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17.

· That equates to 12.5 million days lost to the Employer.

“There is a large annual cost to employers of between £33 billion and £42 billion (with over half of the cost arising from absenteeism – when individuals are less productive due to poor mental health in work) with additional costs from sickness absence and staff turnover”. HSE

Via course material tailored to individual companies needs, employees can learn how important Self Careis to their physical and psychological well-being, to include:

· Sleep

· Nutrition

· Exercise

· Relaxation

· Visualisation

More importantly if an employee’s well-being is being acknowledged they are sustaining self-care, a work life balance and will, in turn, be more beneficial to themselves and therefore their employer.

TLC Partners can help your staff to learn about the triggers & signs to poor Mental Healthwithin themselves, family members and colleagues. We can support your managers in understanding how to guide their team through Mental Healthissues and in turn support them in staying in work or assisting with a return to work.

As a MBACP accredited psychotherapist and Life Coach, I see people with Mental Health issues within my practise on a daily basis. I have the tools and strategies to help them to understand and cope with their Mental Health.

So why not let me help you personally or your Company employees to help you make the changes you deserve.


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