Pay It Forward


Pay it forward and it has a ripple effect what do I meant:

So today I was delivering training in London to raise awareness of Mental Health. Whist walking to the event I passed a young homeless man and smiled as I passed, to offer that human connection, at that point I had little else to offer. I then stopped at a small cafe for breakfast and ordered scrambled eggs. When they came they were slightly overcooked for my liking and I didn’t want to eat them. I thought, what about that poor homeless man this could make a difference to his day.

It was really cold this morning and he was sat on the floor on a cardboard box. I asked the waitress if she would be kind enough to put the eggs in a box as I was unable to eat the eggs but I wanted to share them with this vulnerable human being who for whatever reason had found himself on the streets.

The chef who overheard offered to cook me some more eggs, however I said that was very kind but I was happy to have them boxed up.

This is where the ripple effect of kindness is powerful…………… Not only did he cook more fresh scrambled eggs but he also added beans and toast to the box.

I was extremely grateful for his generosity as was the homeless man who said very little upon receipt of the box, however his body language and smile said it all.

We can all make a difference to our fellow human beings even if that is just with a smile but if we choose to demonstrated kindness then others will often follow in our footsteps.



Article by Diane Pulley

Diane Pulley is a BACP accredited and UKRC psychotherapist and Life Coach having graduated from Warwick university. She has worked in private practise for many years with clients presenting various issues, from trauma, depression, anxiety and self confidence. Diane works with both individuals and couples. Her experience has lead her to work with corporate clients delivering stress management training for both staff and management. Aspire You has been born from a personal journey, of Diane's own marriage breaking down after 28 years, when she identified there is a need to support women through this process and help them rebuild their lives. "everyone has the potential to lead fulfilling lives and i am committed to helping individuals achieve that desire"