Neurodivergence- Beautifully Complex


Neurodivergence is often different from mental health conditions, like anxiety or depression, because it doesn’t appear suddenly in adulthood or after a pivotal experience

Neurodivergent people can also be diagnosed with other mental health conditions. In fact, two of every three people with ADHD have another condition for example anxiety, depression or OCD.

It is about recognising people that are neurodivergent are often different to people who are neurotypical, not better not worse, just different.

We should celebrate difference and recognise we all have a different skill set and when we recognise our strengths and weaknesses, we can then in turn celebrate that being neurodivergent  is beautifully complex.

Article by Diane Pulley

Diane Pulley is a BACP accredited and UKRC psychotherapist and Life Coach having graduated from Warwick university. She has worked in private practise for many years with clients presenting various issues, from trauma, depression, anxiety and self confidence. Diane works with both individuals and couples. Her experience has lead her to work with corporate clients delivering stress management training for both staff and management. Aspire You has been born from a personal journey, of Diane's own marriage breaking down after 28 years, when she identified there is a need to support women through this process and help them rebuild their lives. "everyone has the potential to lead fulfilling lives and i am committed to helping individuals achieve that desire"