Couple/Relationship Counselling


Couples counselling

(which can be referred to as marriage guidance) is a form of therapy that looks to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship.

How it works

We offer relationship counselling and psychotherapy appointments at our locations in Warwick Stratford Upon Avon and Birmingham. If you are currently in a relationship you may decide to come to the sessions with your partner, or on you own.

Counselling and couple therapy can help people open up some of the issues that are troubling them. Couples who come together open up communication between them so that they can understand the underlying issues in order to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing and find an agreed way forward. Problems with relationships can be complicated and sometimes they stem from challenges you may have experienced in your childhood as well as current concerns. Relationship therapy can be helpful in this situation for both individuals and couples, as it looks at what lies behind current difficulties, paying attention both to the past and the present in order to bring about change.

.How can counselling and couple therapy help me with my relationship?

We provide expert regular sessions which will offer you a chance to explore some of the issues that may be concerning you.  If you come as a couple, we aim to help partners to communicate with one another and to understand and resolve underlying issues and conflicts.  We work with heterosexual and gay relationships, married couples and couples in relationships. We find that people usually feel greatly relieved and happier having had a chance to talk through things that may have been bothering them for some time. Clients have also told us that that have found our therapy to have helped them with –

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Stress
  • Better communication
  • A more stable family life
  • Parenting
  • Self-discovery
  • Improved sexual relationships
  • Empathy
  • Greater understanding of their own and partner’s feelings
  • Reducing jealousy
  • Increasing their confidence

Article by Diane Pulley

Diane Pulley is a BACP accredited and UKRC psychotherapist and Life Coach having graduated from Warwick university. She has worked in private practise for many years with clients presenting various issues, from trauma, depression, anxiety and self confidence. Diane works with both individuals and couples. Her experience has lead her to work with corporate clients delivering stress management training for both staff and management. Aspire You has been born from a personal journey, of Diane's own marriage breaking down after 28 years, when she identified there is a need to support women through this process and help them rebuild their lives. "everyone has the potential to lead fulfilling lives and i am committed to helping individuals achieve that desire"