Counselling V’s Coaching


Everybody enters into therapy for a different reason.

This client came initially for counselling and then changed to coaching, when he felt he had dealt with the issues that were holding him back. Sometimes in order to move forward you have to look back initially, to understand the past to then decide and effect change in the future.

“I initially came to see Di for counselling to help me cope with my depression, low Self-Esteem and the stress and worry that seemed to constantly affect me. Even my first session felt like a great weight had been lifted. I felt safe with Di as she helped me make sense of what was happening and together we worked through strategies to help improve things.
I have grown so much in the time I have been with Di that my sessions now are coaching rather than counselling which is allowing me to improve myself in so many areas of life and work. I am becoming a better person as a result for my family, my friends and my career is benefiting too.
I would recommend anyone to try working with Di no matter what level you feel at”.

If your unsure do I need counselling or coaching then book a free initial 30 minute, Skype or phone call to help you decide

Article by Diane Pulley

Diane Pulley is a BACP accredited and UKRC psychotherapist and Life Coach having graduated from Warwick university. She has worked in private practise for many years with clients presenting various issues, from trauma, depression, anxiety and self confidence. Diane works with both individuals and couples. Her experience has lead her to work with corporate clients delivering stress management training for both staff and management. Aspire You has been born from a personal journey, of Diane's own marriage breaking down after 28 years, when she identified there is a need to support women through this process and help them rebuild their lives. "everyone has the potential to lead fulfilling lives and i am committed to helping individuals achieve that desire"