What is a covert narcissist?

Covert narcissists display narcissistic traits but are less overt about seeking attention. They often appear shy or modest while manipulating others for validation. The primary difference lies in their approach to seeking attention and validation. A narcissist is more overt and openly seeks admiration, while a covert narcissist appears more modest and subtle in their […]


ADHD Neurodiversity

Negative opinions outlooks of ADHD now often referred to as ADD  Moral diagnosis: people think people with ADD are not trying hard enough: Ignorance is born out of fear and many people are not educated on neurodiversity. A more positive way to refer to this behaviour: “It is your brakes failed” it is not then […]


Neurodivergence- Beautifully Complex

Neurodivergence is often different from mental health conditions, like anxiety or depression, because it doesn’t appear suddenly in adulthood or after a pivotal experience Neurodivergent people can also be diagnosed with other mental health conditions. In fact, two of every three people with ADHD have another condition for example anxiety, depression or OCD. It is about […]


Three Amazing Women

  SO….. I want to tell you about three amazing women who are all unique individuals but all similar in one way. Now you may ask in what way is that:   They have finally found their worth, their power and their ability to believe in themselves.   Now this is not some miracle that […]

jigsaw game-1821015_1920

Cementing pieces of the jigsaw

When I work with clients I often refer to their lives as pieces of a jigsaw and how we need to connect and adjust some of the misplaced pieces.   Today one of my clients who has completed the end of her therapy journey made a wonderful statement when she said “I had a jigsaw […]


Good Mental Health in a pandemic

I just wanted to write a few words about mental health at the moment, or should I say the majority of peoples poor emotional health in the current climate. I am working with so many people who are really struggling and cannot understand why. If we look at what has been removed from our lives […]