Stress Management for Companies

So how do I help my corporate clients? I work with individuals couples and corporates to make changes in their lives to live their lives, not to just get through their lives. I go into corporate companies with a Bespoke package to help educate their staff on Mental Health, Stress Management and in turn to […]


Food & it’s link to Sleep

Food can consume a part in improving your sleep. Especially those that contain melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone and calcium, a mineral that helps the brain make melatonin. This is an example of six varieties of food. Nuts: All nuts are a good source of calcium, however almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts in specific contain […]


Love Pots

What are the five love pots? What is your primary love language? When we understand this we fully understand how to be present in a relationship. 1. Quality time 2. Touch 3. Words of affirmation 4. Gifts 5. Acts of service If your partners primary love language is acts of service and yours is touch, […]


Suicidal thoughts

“Working with Di has been an amazing journey, I feel at welcomed and at ease from the very first session! I started seeing her because I was feeling depressed/suicidal and at an all time low…8 sessions later and I have a renewed lust for life and can see a bright future ahead of me! Di, […]


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

If you are looking for a good tool to help you with your thought processing often as a result of feelings of anxiety and stress. The Thought Diary Pro is a great app designed to be the second step in changing our thinking patterns by helping individuals identify the thinking errors that they engage in, […]


Why do people enter Counselling?

Simple because they want to make changes in their life! Clients enter counselling for any number of reasons. Sometimes they will be aware of what they want to discuss and change and sometimes they will be very confused. The first stage of counselling involves the client talking through their concerns whilst the counsellor listens and […]