Understanding your attachment style

The four types of attachment styles Secure Avoidant (or anxious -avoidant in children) Anxious ( or anxious-ambivalent in children) disorganised bracket (fearful dash avoidant in children) Avoidant, anxious and disorganised are considered insecure attachment styles: If a child can consistently rely on their parents to fulfil their needs growing up they are likely to develop […]


Stress Management for Companies

So how do I help my corporate clients? I work with individuals couples and corporates to make changes in their lives to live their lives, not to just get through their lives. I go into corporate companies with a Bespoke package to help educate their staff on Mental Health, Stress Management and in turn to […]


Food & it’s link to Sleep

Food can consume a part in improving your sleep. Especially those that contain melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone and calcium, a mineral that helps the brain make melatonin. This is an example of six varieties of food. Nuts: All nuts are a good source of calcium, however almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts in specific contain […]


Love Pots

What are the five love pots? What is your primary love language? When we understand this we fully understand how to be present in a relationship. 1. Quality time 2. Touch 3. Words of affirmation 4. Gifts 5. Acts of service If your partners primary love language is acts of service and yours is touch, […]


Suicidal thoughts

“Working with Di has been an amazing journey, I feel at welcomed and at ease from the very first session! I started seeing her because I was feeling depressed/suicidal and at an all time low…8 sessions later and I have a renewed lust for life and can see a bright future ahead of me! Di, […]


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

If you are looking for a good tool to help you with your thought processing often as a result of feelings of anxiety and stress. The Thought Diary Pro is a great app designed to be the second step in changing our thinking patterns by helping individuals identify the thinking errors that they engage in, […]