Good Mental Health in a pandemic

I just wanted to write a few words about mental health at the moment, or should I say the majority of peoples poor emotional health in the current climate. I am working with so many people who are really struggling and cannot understand why. If we look at what has been removed from our lives […]


How to take care in challenging times

We not only need to support people with collecting groceries but also their Mental health. It is wonderful that a community spirit is coming out of all this trauma and adverstiy. So many of my clients with anxiety are having heightened anxiety at present due to the uncertainty of coronavirus. Uncertainty breeds anxiety. Things to […]


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is experienced by many people. It affects your health much more deeply than just causing morning meeting drowsiness. Your cells repair themselves more rapidly at night time. The body produces higher levels of human growth hormone, which promotes cellular renewal, and your digestive system gets a break.” So if you skip it, you […]


Case Study

I have been working with a client in Stratford Upon Avon who is experiencing Stress and Anxiety. She has recently moved to Warwickshire and has been experiencing a sense of isolation. I have been seeing her now for 4 sessions and the progress she has made is incredible. We have looked at what triggers her […]