How can I manage sleep better?   Are you struggling with sleep are you waking up several times a night, do you wake up feeling really tired? Also if you snore be aware that snoring is a sign of inflammation, it can be linked to something you may have eaten or drank in the day. […]


How to take care in challenging times

We not only need to support people with collecting groceries but also their Mental health. It is wonderful that a community spirit is coming out of all this trauma and adverstiy. So many of my clients with anxiety are having heightened anxiety at present due to the uncertainty of coronavirus. Uncertainty breeds anxiety. Things to […]


Counselling V’s Coaching

Everybody enters into therapy for a different reason. This client came initially for counselling and then changed to coaching, when he felt he had dealt with the issues that were holding him back. Sometimes in order to move forward you have to look back initially, to understand the past to then decide and effect change […]