What is a divorce coach

The key to finding a competent divorce coach is researching your coach’s background – What are their expertise what do they specialise in. Whether it’s law, finance or counselling  and deciding if it will lend itself to helping you navigate your divorce. Some divorce coaches only have experience of being divorced themselves. Now do not […]



When clients are stressed or depressed medication may assist in helping the client to cope initially. However long term changes have to be made in the clients life to ensure a full recovery. Why were they forced to seek medication in the first place? Why have they become depressed/ stresses? These underlying issues need to […]


Lower your Blood Pressure with food!

According to the centres for disease control and prevention, an estimated 67 million Americans, that relates to approximately 1 in 3 adults suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be triggered by stress a poor diet remains its single greatest cause. Foods that trigger cardiovascular benefits is a great way to […]