Why go organic

This is an enlightening article from Women’s Health Magazine about the health and nutritional benefits of going organic!! We as a society are becoming more and more aware of the health risks from pesticides in our foods however they not only have a detrimental affect on our physical but also our mental well-being While going […]


Smoothies and depression

“While I had wanted to try making smoothies in the past, I never had enough motivation to do so. The benefits were not immediately apparent, but over a period of a few days I noticed I suddenly felt a lot more awake than I was used to, as well as having additional energy for both exercise and […]


The Pots!!!!

Pots I ask you what do you do for self-care? What is self-care you ask? I was not taught that at school, I was taught Maths, English, Science even Religious Education but not self-care, what is it? Well, let me share with you one of the world’s best kept secrets. If you visualise metaphorically you […]


Nutrition and Mental Health

What we eat is imperative to our mental and physical well being. A large portion of the population are unaware of the affects of nutrients or lack of nutrients on the body and mental health. Are body needs fruit and vegetables on a daily basis to maintain its well being. But what fruit and vegetables […]