Being the mother of a teenager

A testimonial from a mother who sought support for her daughter who was transitioning from being a child to an adult. “It’s increasingly tough transitioning from childhood to adulthood with all the trials and tribulations of embarking on a new education with new independent ways of learning and shifts in friendships/relationships …I consider myself being […]


Why use TLC therapeutic services!

“Di has been amazing. I feel much more resilient when things promised don’t go to plan & have definitely grown in confidence in all my relationships. I have developed a much more positive image of myself and learnt that being a good person doesn’t have to mean constantly pleasing others but instead, taking time for […]


The Pots!!!!

Pots I ask you what do you do for self-care? What is self-care you ask? I was not taught that at school, I was taught Maths, English, Science even Religious Education but not self-care, what is it? Well, let me share with you one of the world’s best kept secrets. If you visualise metaphorically you […]



When you feel you are being criticised stay in your adult: The adult is the part of your personality which can be rational and objective. Judge wether criticism being given is: a) Being given by someone whose opinion you value and b) Whether it is fair and constructive. Use your adult to remind you that […]